S.T.R.E.A.M. is an acronym for Sisters Together Realizing their Eternity And their Ministry. The S.T.R.E.A.M. Program is where girls or women meet together regularly at their local “stream” (or chapter of the S.T.R.E.A.M. Program) and with a S.T.R.E.A.M. Leader, attempt to understand who they are in Christ through conversation, special empowerment activities, bible study, prayer and workshops. Each meeting the group is challenged to go out and do something with that information both independently and as a group.

This program is a signature program of At The Well. Our long-term vision is to have streams for girls and women in communities and countries all around the world. Contact us to apply for program hosting or to find a stream near you.

The Rarity ProjectAccept and learn how to handle your call to be different:
This is a personalized discussion and exposure based accountability program for girls. It teaches girls one-on-one how to take responsibility for the type of young woman they want to become, minimize negative influences and find productive outlets to express themselves. It goes a step further than a mentoring program in that it teaches girls to pursue upright-living in addition to academic and extra-curricular ambitions.

*The 2016-2017 project applicants have already been selected, please contact us if you are interested in applying for or nominating a girl for future projects.

Pearlz & LacesUnderstand and be reminded of your true worth with a Pearl Sister:
This is a dance and running focused, mentoring program for girls. Pearl Sisters (adult volunteers) and Pearls (participants) will work together learning life skills and building self-esteem.This is done through conversation, dance classes and running activities. Pearl Sisters will spend scheduled time building relationships with their Pearls, helping reinforce how valuable and beautiful she is.

Motto: “Step into her shoes. Inspire her to shine.”

To find an open club and learn more about joining contact us today.

Distinct Row:

Undergraduate and graduate female students, Ages 18+

Stand out, find sisterhood, focus on academics and make informed decisions. If you are interested in learning more or bringing Distinct Row to your campus, contact us today. 

Gemstones of Grace
Service Club:

Women ages 40+

Be a mother/sister-figure to the unloved, unnoticed girls and women in your area. If you are interested in learning more or bringing Gemstones of Grace to your community, contact us today. 

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