#FindHerWorth (2)

Have you ever seen a girl who doesn’t believe she’s beautiful?
Have you ever met a woman who feels she has little to nothing that makes her special?
At The Well needs your support to help that girl or woman FIND HER WORTH.


I’m Darra McClendon and At The Well is my story. At The Well is your story, your mother’s story, your sister’s story, your best friend’s story… At The Well is OUR story.

It was around 2004 that I believe God began showing me the pieces that now make up At The Well Global Ministries, Inc., At The Well for short. One day I was feeling a little discouraged because I longed to be surrounded by the type of connections… friendships or relationships if you will, outside of family, where something leaps for joy inside of me at the sound of a sister’s voice… Just like Mary and Elizabeth in the Bible. I didn’t have that. Had I ever had it? Was I too busy to have it? Was it me or something lacking in me? Could I have that kind of fellowship with others, that kind of life inside of me? I felt I was lacking sisterhood in my regular, everyday life and didn’t know where to find it. With all the things women juggle and do, it’s so easy for the positive connections that empower us (women) to lose their connections. It’s easy for the vital ‘sister-like’ relationships we need to get lost in the shuffle, be forgotten or never pursued.

While in that season of longing, I witnessed something powerful happening in the youth dance ministry I was over at the time… something not of my doing at all. A sisterhood had developed. An all-inclusive, God orchestrated connection emerged, not just among the dancers themselves but also between me and the dancers. I became a big sister to several young girls, and that’s when I began to sense the calling to infuse my love for God and passion for sisterhood into other girls and women. After my pastor’s advice to “dream big… get a vision… and write it down”, I did that and in 2009 At The Well became an incorporated non-profit organization.



Specifically, we use funds to plan and execute special events for girls and women. These events are the foundation for the 5 key programs belonging to At The Well. As these programs continue to be developed, our events are our way of making girls feel like princesses and women like queens.

Read more about upcoming events you can give toward here.

At The Well is also seeking strategic partners with related or similar missions to collaborate with on projects, events and programs specific to targeted populations. All partners complete a memorandum of agreement, outlining the roles and objectives of both the partner and At The Well. This is to ensure that the use of any funds for partnership purposes is clearly defined. We believe in being good stewards of every dollar and cent given.

We are committed to financial transparency and our organization can be viewed on GuideStar, an information service specializing in reporting on U.S. nonprofit companies. You may view our profile here.

As a 501c3 nonprofit organization, your donations are tax deductible.

Here’s a short video to learn even more about ATW. Watch here.

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